June 30, 2022

Wayne Clarke, a founding partner of GGI and a strategic partner of Crowe Global in The Art of Smart, has spent over 20 years helping to boost the performance of organizations through improved human participation. During the last years, the continuous crises that Greece was faced with, pushed the Greek companies to carry out radical...

Skilling India’s Future:  A Global Youth Skill Development Conclave organised by Ignite India and The Global Growth Institute hosted at Agni College of Technology was inaugurated by the Honourable Minister for School Education Shri KA Sengottaiyan on the 17th of May 2018. India has long recognised the need for scaling up their efforts to enhance skill development across the country, in the[...]

There are 5.7 million SMEs in the UK which make up over 99% of all businesses. According to a recent study*, a fifth of workers (20%) don’t trust their managers. One of the main reasons for it is that they don’t feel supported at work (59%). People are often promoted in managerial roles but don’t necessarily have the tools to manage effectively!

April 13, 2018

In today’s fast-paced world, we need to keep up with the demands of our customers, the needs of our shareholders and ultimately engage the most important asset of all, our people. Swap those customers to patients who need the ultimate service level, care to make them better add in an increasingly squeeze of budgets to satisfy your shareholders and a struggle to attract, retain and develop talent.

February 21, 2018

Following the release of the U.K. government’s latest growth strategy, of which foreign direct investment and trade outside of Europe was key, a UK leadership consultancy, the GGI, has just launched the first ever, western, management-training programme in Mongolia, fully translated into Mongolian. This will see the UK company play a fundamental role in a Mongolian public and private sector initiative to boost economic [...]

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