Module Series 1

Series 1 builds core foundational skills including: what it means to be a great manager, goal setting, time management, communication, customer and stakeholder engagement and managing meetings and other core skills.

21st Century Management

  • Learn how world-class managers create value for the organisation
  • Discover how they create and leverage highly engaged teams
  • See how they excel at customer and stakeholder engagement

Great Goal Setting

  • Set goals for the team that align with organisational business goals
  • Break goals down to what’s specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-based
  • Motivate and help team members understand the ‘how and why’ their roles are important, and how it connects to the organisation’s vision

Inspiring Appraisals

  • Construct “appreciative conversations” for the benefit of appraisee and manager
  • What a great ‘one to one’ looks like
  • Create follow-up and reflection to support change

Optimising Your Time

  • Prioritise your time to focus on the things that really matter as a leader
  • Deal with overwhelming demands from emails, meetings, and conference calls
  • Regain balance – time to reflect on the big picture and high value activity

Improving Communication

  • Make organisational messaging meaningful to the team
  • Use communication to make others feel connected and valued
  • Executing leadership’s strategy – making sure there are transparency and understanding of new initiatives

Better Meetings, Better Results

  • Learn how to create meetings that add value for everyone
  • How to create personal impact in meetings – as a chair or as a participant
  • Best practice into how to prepare, execute and follow up meetings

Understanding Our Customer

  • Better understand the needs of key stakeholders to deliver and even exceed expectations
  • Use empathetic perspective to improve customer experience
  • Be future focused with an eye to current trends, changing market conditions and new innovations

Creating A Stand Out Team

  • The building blocks of creating a standout team
  • The power of visions that align with organizational and personal objectives
  • People engagement driving high performance

Developing Me, Developing My Team

  • Become a role model for others on how you challenge yourself towards continual improvement
  • How to better understand the future aspirations of your team members
  • A framework to consider both individual and team development

Managing Up

  • Understanding your manager’s perspective and needs
  • Acting as better partners to stakeholders – where both needs are met
  • Create adult to adult partnership-based relationships with those that can have a significant influence on your career

Presenting With Presence

  • Get your message across with impact, clarity and presence
  • Understand what an audience needs from a speaker
  • Engage hearts and minds and bring content to life
  • Best in class preparation techniques

Being A Strategic Leader

  • Understand how the CEO, CFO, Marketing Director, Head of Operations, HR, CIO and other senior leaders base their key decisions and why
  • Better understand how to best support and communicate with executives in these positions
  • Align your team objectives and focus to the strategic needs of senior leadership

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