Why World Class Manager

Why Choose World Class Manager

We’ve advised over 700 CEOs and organisations in 50 countries. We’ve learnt what works and what doesn’t with respect to world class people management.

Our mission is to deliver what managers need, at the point of need, in way that works for the 21st century modern manager.

We do this sharing best practices and challenging managers in a way that’s sympathetic to the challenge’s managers face.

We do it with the organisation’s customers, shareholders and the communities they serve, in mind.

Hear what Managers from the programme think...

Our Clients Say...

"Positively impacting our customers experience, at scale, is key for us. The World Class Manager programme enables us to develop critical management skills throughout our business, for thousands of our valued members of staff, nationally"

Karen Lewis

People Director - LNER

Outstanding Improvement Rates

(Data based on participants completing course between 2019 / 2020)


Why use World Class Manager

The WCM online management training programme will help your managers get the bet out of themselves and their people. It will create a consistent approach to 'best in class' management across your whole organisation to drive your success.

To date we have had thousands of participants from 22 countries complete the online leadership training programme - are you ready to start your journey?

World Class Manager will ensure that your teams can learn and apply new practices in the fastest, simplest way possible and start creating impact, today.

  • Create highly engaged, high performing teams and drive your success
  • Quick, easy solutions online solutions to improve your managers performance
  • Meet your L&D needs and create a culture of best in class online learning
  • Learn at your own pace and time on any advice
  • Trusted by leading organisations and used by 1000s of managers around the world
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Proven results. Fast.

    Our 12 Modules

    Module 1
    Module 2
    Module 3
    Module 4
    Module 5
    Module 6
    Module 8
    Module 9
    Module 10
    Module 11
    Module 12

    "We chose the World Class Manager programme because of its ease of implementation, impact and clear ROI. We value our managers and investing in them is key to our long-term success."

    Nick Ulycz

    Chief Operating Officer, Domestic & General Group

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