The Full World Class Manager 12 Month Programme Series 1



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Further information on the 12 modules of the course, is below.

Your 12 month subscription to World Class Manager Gives You:

1) Access to 12 ‘on-trend’ modules all mobile and tablet device enabled

2) Invitation to live webinars with our expert partners and global guest speakers

3) Module tools including an effective workbook for planning and reflection

4) CPD Accredited with certificate of completion to certify you are a ‘World Class Manager’

5) Access to group forums to enhance community discussions and share best practice


The 12 World Class Manager Modules

Module 1 – 21st Century Management

  • Understand the mindset and focus of a great modern manager
  • Be perceived as a high value contributor to your organization
  • Create highly engaged teams
  • Build brilliant stakeholder relationships

Module 2 – Great Goal Setting

  • Set goals for the team that align to organizational goals
  • Break goals down in a S-M-A-R-T model way
  • Motivate and help team members understand the HOW and WHY their roles are important, and how they connect to the overall vision

Module 3 – Inspiring Appraisals

  • Have great motivational one-to-one’s
  • Construct a true appreciative conversation
  • Create follow-up and reflection to support change

Module 4 – Optimizing Your Time

  • Learn how great managers maintain balance and create time to reflect on the big picture and focus on what’s really important as a leader
  • Use time to help the team be more effective and more efficient
  • Dealing with overwhelming demands from emails, meetings, and conference calls

Module 5 – Improving Communication

  • Make organizational messaging meaningful to the team
  • Using communication to make others feel connected and valued (recognition, positive feedback)
  • Transcend organizational silos – collaboration between departments
  • Executing leadership’s strategy – make sure there’s transparency and understanding of new initiatives

Module 6 – Better Meetings, Better Results

  • Create highly effective meetings that add value for everyone
  • Discover the key to preparing for meetings to better manage time and content
  • Understand how to chair a meeting – keeping everyone on track with a sense of being heard
  • Realize the importance of taking responsibility for connecting the dots post-meeting

Module 7 – Understanding Your Customer

  • How to better understand the needs of the stakeholders to deliver and potentially exceed expectations
  • Seeing the customer with an empathetic perspective for improving customer experience
  • Being future focused with an eye to current trends, changing market conditions and new innovations

Module 8 –  Creating a Stand Out Team

  • How to set a vision, set expectations and drive accountability in a team
  • How to harness the individual skills, talent and drive to most effectively meet team objectives
  • Building in enough down time to maximize performance – finding balance for the team

Module 9 – Developing Me, Developing My Team

  • Becoming a role model for others on how you challenge yourself towards continual improvement
  • How to better understand the future aspirations of your team members – what drives them and where they’d like to ideally continue onward
  • A framework to consider both individual and team development

Module 10 – Managing Up

  • Understanding your boss/stakeholder’s perspectives: their challenges, drivers, personalities, and what they need form you
  • Acting as better partners to stakeholders – where both needs are being met
  • How to give and receive feedback

Module 11 – Presenting with Presence

  • Strategize content for any audience – to win hearts and minds
  • Get your message across with impact, clarity and presence
  • Understand what an audience needs from a speaker
  • Tools to structure content and message for maximum effect
  • Best in class preparation and delivery techniques

Module 12 – Being a Strategic Leader

  • Understand how the CEO, CFO, Marketing Director, Head of Operations, HR, CIO and other senior leaders base their key decisions and why
  • Better understand how best to support and communicate with executives in these positions
  • Building a more strategic approach for your own leadership


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