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12 short 60-90 second insights, highly practical and based on the 12 modules of our World Class Manager program.
Over 50,000 managers in more than 30 countries have completed our program and contributed to this cutting-edge global data.

Being a 21st Century Manager
Everything changes all the time. How often do we, as leaders and as organisations, stop to think about what this means for the role of our managers?

Great Goal Setting
There is an art to setting great goals. How might our people, our organisations and the people we ultimately serve, benefit from greater goal clarity?

Inspiring Appraisal Conversations
Everyone leaves appraisal conversations with several emotions. What might be possible if people left them feeling genuinely inspired?

Optimising Your Time
Time is our most precious commodity. What could we achieve if we were able to create some space and time to focus on the things that really add value?

Improving Communications
The need to improve communication is a consistent challenge, everywhere around the world.
How though?

Better Meetings
Most of managers time is spent in meetings. How can we create meetings that are more efficient and are more valued by those involved in them?

Understanding the Customer
We all serve someone. How do we make sure that what we’re delivering is what they want?

Creating a Standout Team
Your team is your brand. How is your team perceived and what do you want your team to be famous for?

Developing Me, Developing My Team
Lack of personal growth is one of the main reasons why people leave organisations. How can we overcome this challenge for our team and ourselves as leaders?

Managing Up
Relationships with senior stakeholders, internally and externally, are crucial to our success. How do we deepen and strengthen these key relationships?

Presenting With Presence
Being seen in the way we want to be seen is important, to everyone. How do we create impact and get our message across to the right people in the right way, in a super busy world?

Being a Strategic Leader
Strong leadership teams harness the value of multiple perspectives. Thinking like a leadership team is possible for everyone at every level, how though?

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