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February 21, 2018by WorldClassManager0

Following the release of the U.K. government’s latest growth strategy, of which foreign direct investment and trade outside of Europe was key, a UK leadership consultancy, the GGI, has just launched the first ever, western, management-training programme in Mongolia, fully translated into Mongolian. This will see the UK company play a fundamental role in a Mongolian public and private sector initiative to boost economic development through greater diversification and skills building.

The GGI’s powerful training programme, called World Class Manager, will be initially launched to 1000 managers in the finance and technology sector throughout Mongolia, called M1000. It will be rolled out in partnership with the Tsakhim Institute of Finance & Technology, to upskill Mongolian managers and enhance business education.

Speaking on behalf the Department of International Trade, International Trade Advisor Mark Higgins says: “To plant the seed of exporting to Mongolia, and to help that seed grow, has been a pleasure. Working with a proactive, inspiring entrepreneur has been a delight and they deserve their success. I look forward to helping the company on its export journey in the future. The Global Growth Institute should inspire other potential exporters to look at less traditional markets.”

Not only does Mongolia sit upon one of the richest mineral deposits in the world, its boasts a healthy youth population and a burgeoning number of graduates. If Mongolia can successfully harness its resources, it could become one of the richest countries on the planet. But to do that, it requires the talent within its workforce to exploit it, as well as diversify the economy by championing other industries. As a land-locked country, Mongolia has always relied heavily on trade, with much emphasis placed on maths education. Its literacy rate stands at an impressive 97% and it is producing between 10-20,000 graduates each year, putting them in a prime position for the world of finance.

The GGI’s objective is to help shape that talent into the next generation of forward-thinking leaders.

M1000, which has already been successfully rolled out in the UK, was chosen for its ability to be deployed immediately, on a national scale. Being a technology-led programme, it has provided a cost-effective solution to challenges posed by Mongolia’s considerable land mass, which has made face-to-face training logistically impossible, until now.

Speaking on behalf of the GGI, Founding Partner Wayne Clarke says: “We’re delighted to work with our partners, TIFT, in Mongolia to launch our programme to managers across the country. We are helping to build the essential management and leadership capability that will help to further strengthen and diversify the Mongolian economy.”

The British Ambassador to Mongolia, was present at the signing of the agreement, explained that this is a notable example of how two countries could strengthen a relationship for mutual benefit.

The management programme is initially focusing on the financial sector but in time they will look to expand M1000 into other industry sectors throughout 2018.



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