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Our "What Works" framework is designed to harness the collective expertise of an organisations top performers. Through structured interviews and analysis, we capture the best practices and strategies employed by the most successful managers and leaders. This process ensures that we highlight the specific behaviours and techniques that have proven to drive success within the organisation.

The insights gathered from these interviews would be transformed into high-quality digital content. These bite-sized knowledge insights will cover a range of topics, focusing not only on leadership skills but also on key themes relevant to business objectives. This tailored approach emphasises "people development" while incorporating any additional themes or priorities specific to the organisation, making it highly relevant and actionable for the manager population.

Your people are your greatest asset, and their knowledge is your most valuable resource.

In the dynamic landscape of organisational success, one undeniable truth prevails: your people are the cornerstone of your organisation, and their knowledge stands as your most precious resource. We recognise the immense value of tapping into the collective expertise of your top performers.

Our 'What Works' programme is more than just a framework; it's a catalyst for unlocking the full potential of your organisation's greatest asset – your people. Through meticulously structured interviews and rigorous analysis, we capture the best practices and strategies employed by your most successful managers and leaders.

We investigate the best practice at the core of your organisation.

We understand that true success lies at the intersection of strategy and execution. That's why our 'What Works' programme goes beyond surface - level assessments - it delves deep into the heart of your organisation to uncover the best practices that drive real results.

Through meticulously structured interviews and thorough analysis, we embark on a journey to investigate the core of your organisation. We engage with your top performers, capturing their insights, strategies, and techniques that have propelled them to success. This process ensures that we shine a spotlight on the specific behaviours and practices that lie at the foundation of your organisation's achievements.

We ‘mine’ the knowledge of the exceptional individuals who consistently deliver.

In the pursuit of organisational excellence, insights from exceptional individuals are invaluable treasures waiting to be discovered. Through our 'What Works' programme, we embark on a journey of knowledge mining - a process designed to unearth the best practices and strategies employed by your organisation's top performers. Using structured interviews and meticulous analysis, we delve deep into the experiences and insights of these exceptional individuals, uncovering the specific behaviours and techniques that drive success within your organisation.

We process the knowledge and work with you to plan the best way to impart and use that knowledge, throughout your organisation.

We understand that knowledge alone is not enough - it's how you harness and apply that knowledge that truly drives success. That's why our 'What Works' programme is more than just a framework for capturing insights; it's a collaborative journey to empower your organisation with actionable wisdom.

After meticulously processing the knowledge gleaned from your organisation's top performers, we don't just hand it over - we work closely with you to plan the most effective way to impart and utilise that knowledge throughout your entire organisation. This collaborative approach ensures that the insights uncovered are not only relevant but also seamlessly integrated into your organisational culture and practices.

We create final content and deliver a communications programme designed to deliver change.

Once we've created the final content from the insights gathered through our structured interviews and analysis, we don't stop there. We collaborate with you to design and deliver a comprehensive communications programme specifically tailored to instigate change within your organisation.

Our communications programme is strategically crafted to deliver targeted messages, engage stakeholders, and foster a culture of continuous improvement. From tailored training sessions to interactive workshops and engaging digital content, we utilise a variety of channels to ensure maximum impact and reach.

We launch, in partnership with all the key stakeholders and monitor the improvements to your operation.

In collaboration with all the key stakeholders, we launch targeted initiatives designed to implement the insights and best practices identified through our structured interviews and analysis. Our partnership approach ensures that everyone is aligned and invested in driving change within your organisation.

The 8 steps of our process

1: Initial scoping conversations with your managers and leaders to create the initial themes.

2: Brief review of existing materials and relevant GPS data that may be useful.

3: Conduct deeper interviews with a number of other employees for the creation of the core content.

4: Define content theme areas and re-interview managers and leaders where necessary.

5: Create final high-quality digital content and build the communications and engagement.

6: Interviews with grades 7/8 to bring to life the impact of great management.

7: Agree the supporting activity such as the ‘Managers Live’; events for the community.

8: Launch in partnership with all of the key stakeholders involved.

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"We wanted to find a way to help differentiate Fareham’s apprenticeship offer from others on the market. We also to wanted to enhance the learner experience for all our apprentices. After reviewing the market, we chose the GGI’s World Class Manager programme as the best of its class. Its bite-sized format provides great flexible learning that has gone down very well with users and has been an outstanding success, adding real value and originality to our offer. I can’t recommend the programme and the team at World Class Manager highly enough!” "

Lesley Roberts

Managing Director Business & Partnerships - Fareham College


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